Our Programs


Infants (6 weeks to 18 months)

The Infant program has two classrooms (younger and older infants). Each teacher plans a curriculum aligned with the Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards. Infants follow their own unique schedule, so their needs are met just as if they are at home. 

You can be assured that your child will receive the very best infant care. We would like to invite you to come and find out why we are so proud of our program!


Toddlers (18 to 36 months)

Toddlers are busy!  Our teachers understand the needs of active two year olds.  Programs are designed to give a wide range of hands on activities that include active indoor and outdoor playtime.  

The Toddler curriculum is aligned with the Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards.  Activities are age-appropriate, fun and educational.  Teachers will guide each child to explore their world and learn the skills that will help them become more independent. 


Preschool & Pre-K (3 to 5 years)

We believe that children learn best in a safe, stimulating and nurturing environment. Our teachers provide meaningful learning opportunities through a balance of teacher-guided activities and child-oriented play.  

We value our families as partners in their children's learning.  We encourage families to contribute to their child's education as much as possible.  To promote this, we offer several opportunities during the year where families can participate in a variety of events and activities.

Learn, Play...Discover!

As outlined by the Rhode Island Early Learning and Development Standards, children will demonstrate positive attitudes and habits in the areas of Social and Emotional Development, Language Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Cognitive Development, Social Studies, Science, Creative Arts, and Physical Health and Motor Development.   We understand children are unique and learn in different ways.  Therefore, our teachers act as facilitators who guide each child to strengthen their skills, knowledge and love of learning.   As teachers guide children, they are assessing the children's progress to determine individual and group needs within the Standards framework.  Our teachers carefully observe each child during play and interaction throughout the year.  Observations are documented and a portfolio is developed using work samples, photos and checklists.


Q: When are you open? 

A: Discovery Years is open year round, Monday through Friday.  Our hours are 6:30am until 6pm.

Q: What is considered a full-day and a half-day for the children?

A: A full day is considered anything over 4 hours up to 9 hours a day and a half day is 4 hours (usually either 8-12 or 8:30-12:30).

Q: Do you have a nurse on staff? 

A: Yes, we do.  Linda is our registered nurse and she is here in the morning.

Q: What happens during "snow days?" 

A: If we close before the school opens, you can find out on Turnto10.com.  If school closes while we are open, we will call families to let them know what time we will be closing.  Families are given ample time to pick up their children.

Q: What does your center offer during the summer months? 

A: We offer an 8 week summer camp program.  The program is theme-based and includes entertainers, crafts, water days and much more!  Call the center for more details.

Q: What do you do on the days when the children can't go outside due to inclement weather? 

A: All classrooms attempt to go outside daily.  On days when it's too hot, too cold, or rainy, we have an indoor playroom that each classroom can utilize twice a day.

Q: Do you provide meals?

A: We provide morning and afternoon snack, which includes milk and water for Toddlers thru Pre-K.  Families are responsible for bringing in the lunch portion for their child(ren).  

Q: Are you a nut free school?

A: Yes.  All of our classrooms are nut free.  When packing foods, please read labels carefully.  

Q: Do you have a no shoe policy in your Infant program?

A: Yes.  We ask anyone who enters the Infant classrooms to please take off their shoes.